No Hoof no Horse


During 50 million years, nature developed in the horse a survival artist who is perfectly adapted to his natural environment. Completely adapted to his habitat the horse even needs this environment to stay healthy and sound. By using the horse, the human took the horse out of it's natural habitat
Wild horses
The horse is dependent of it's hooves not only in one way. Apart from the fact that a horse needs its hooves to flee, it is also an organ that functions as an outlet for waste materials and gives vital support to the heart through its hoofmechanism. Only a correct position and form will make sure it can provide those functions.

The core of the orthopedic treatment is, to bring back the natural hoof form and the position of the coffin bone so that the healing can take place as soon as possible. Through the way of trimming (The treatment), the hoof mechanism and Hoof form will be restored to it's functional Wild horses situation like it was meant during the evolution. The used treatment has it's base in the natural balance between the hooves and the horse. It should be obviously that, the one who treats the horse, needs a thorough and scientific knowledge about the subject to durable heal the horse.

There are lots of methods that claim to be the one and only right one. But of course it is very questionable if a method who claims to be takes the horse in account enough. The point is not the simple treatment of the symptoms like they are used with conventional Hoof care conscious or unconscious are being practiced