Riding: The order of learning and training with a horse is of imminent importance. When the rider has basic skills he/she can continue to groundwork with the understanding of the horse. If the groundwork works well for both rider and horse, one can continue to start the education of the horse and/or improving riding skills.﷯ When basic skills and groundwork are understood, the riding will be much easier for the rider as well for the horse, especially when the rider is keen on understanding what the horse is communicating right at the very moment in a given situation. The feeling for the horse will naturally occur when the rider is actually on horseback. If the rider is comfortable with their basic skills, groundwork and their application in riding, the next level would be doing less to gain more. The challenge of good horsemanship is a never ending passion. It makes the rider and the horse look continuously to learn and search for that special feeling of unity and perfection… © Copyright Robert Trösch
© Copyright Robert Trösch

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